Change in KMF Fee Calculation Effective May 2024

The Kansas Methodist Foundation is grateful to serve your ministry through our sustainable and socially responsible investment program. Thank you for our ministry together and for investing with us. We seek to help you steward well and grow your resources for ministry. We appreciate you.
In our effort to continue strengthen our administration, KMF has updated our accounting software to better serve our partners. This change comes with it the option to assess our KMF administration fee more accurately for the funds we manage. The administrative fees are not changing. What is changing is that we will base the administrative fee on the average daily balance for the fund for the month, instead of based on the fair market value of the fund as of the last day of the month. This change will be effective starting in May 2024.
For the most part, this change will not impact funds very much, but will more accurately reflect the appropriate administrative fee.
If you would like to visit with me about this change or anything else related to your investment funds at KMF, please let me know. I would be honored to visit so that we can serve well. You can contact me or by calling the office at (620) 664-9623.
The Kansas Methodist Foundation is grateful to serve you in support of your stewardship and generosity. Thank you for our ministry together.


Rev. Dr. Dustin D. Petz
President and CEO