KMF Serves all within the Methodist Movement

Founded to support Methodist ministry in Kansas, the Kansas Methodist Foundation, KMF, is committed to living out its purpose through serving churches that may join the new Global Methodist Church denomination.

“We are pleased to continue serving faithful Methodists in Kansas regardless of whether they are connected to the United Methodist Church, the Global Methodist Church, or more broadly within the Methodist movement.” KMF President Dustin Petz said.

The process to serve all Methodists began a few years ago as talks of a possible denominational split became more frequent.

“We approached the Great Plains Conference to change the relationship with the Foundation so that the Foundation is no longer governed by the Great Plains Conference,” KMF Board Chair Rev. Gary Beach said. “It is a free-standing 501(c)(3) and the Conference no longer elects the board.”

While KMF works in partnership with the Great Plains Annual Conference, it is a separate and independent organization. KMF staff serve all who are connected to the Methodist movement in Kansas. In addition to churches within the United Methodist denomination, churches who join the Global Methodist Church and churches who are a part of the larger Methodist movement will also have access to the services of KMF.

Funds at KMF will continue to be invested in socially responsible ways through Wespath Institutional Investments. As a free-standing organization, KMF’s commitment is to the churches, organizations, and individuals it serves.

KMF does not receive appointment dollars from the Annual Conference. Rather, its ministry is funded by gifts from faithful Methodist families and administrative fees from funds invested with the Foundation. Similar to a bank or brokerage firm, KMF charges an administrative fee on investment accounts. However, unlike a bank, the fee supports ministry grants, leadership development for clergy and laity, and free resources to help churches and organizations grow their ministry.

“We believe God is calling us to dream dreams and see visions, knowing that we have an abundance of resources poised for ministry,” Dustin said. “When we activate our treasures with a generous heart, God will continue to use us to make disciples of Jesus Christ, change lives, and transform communities throughout Kansas.”