With any decision to expand, update, replace, move, or change your facility, there comes another equally complex challenge: how to make it happen. Typically, this challenge requires time, vision, commitment, energy, financial stability and an extra measure of guidance to step you through what can be a very stressful process.

In 2020 the Kansas Methodist Foundation and the Wesleyan Investive (formerly known as the United Methodist Development Fund (UMDF)) started a unique partnership to serve churches and organizations in Kansas and Nebraska through loans. Together, we offer unparalleled expertise when it comes to church loans, not to mention competitive rates. Moreover, we understand churches better than an average lender and design loans specifically with church leaders in mind. We can assist you in navigating the Book of Discipline’s paragraph 2544 and the entire application process. 

What Types of Loans are Available?

Assists churches of all sizes refinance existing mortgage(s). We can also consolidate multiple loans into one new refinanced loan, which usually results in a lower overall payment.
New Construction
Finance your church or organization’s new construction and provide the long term financing all in one transaction.
Church Expansion
Provides financing for expansion of existing church space. Many churches have also consolidated their existing long-term loan, with new funds for church expansion into one new loan.
Property Purchases & Acquisitions
Provides financing for the purchase of land, improvements, existing buildings, or other property.
Assists churches of all sizes with the financing for renovation projects. Renovation loans have favorable terms which begin at $25,000. Many churches and organizations have also consolidated their existing long term loan, with new funds for renovations into one new loan.

How does the loan process work?

How to Apply for a Loan


Why choose KMF over banks and other commerical lenders?
KMF and Wesleyan Investive understand churches and organizations better than an average lender, because we specialize in loans designed for churches and ministries. We are not only prepared to help you navigate the Book of Discipline's paragraph 2544, but the entire application process is designed with you in mind.
Who is eligible to apply?
All United Methodist churches, organizations, boards, and agencies in Kansas and Nebraska can apply for a loan.
How does a church or organization apply for a loan?
You can download a loan application or contact KMF at 888-453-8405.
What is the Wesleyan Investive?
Wesleyan Investive is a nonprofit corporation resulting from the 1969 merger of the Methodist Investment Fund and the Evangelical United Brethren Investment Fund. When the two funds were united financially on December 31, 1969, they had a combined asset value of $28,015,228 and a new name - The United Methodist Development Fund (UMDF).

In 2021, with many transitions in mind, the UMDF board determined another name change was in order and Wesleyan Investive was selected. “Investive” means “serving or tending to invest or endow.” Investive reflects our core values and our purpose to empower the church in the achievement of its God-appointed mission. Wesleyan Investive is a name that encompasses who they are striving to be - with Wesleyan principles at the core of all investments. John Wesley viewed the world as his parish, sharing the Good News from the fields to the mines. Wesleyan Investive embodies that heritage of innovative ministry and our commitment to invest in God’s work in the world by:

* Resourcing congregations through loans, so they might more deeply engage their mission field

* Emboldening high-capacity leaders through networks of learning that inspire innovation and courage
Enabling missionally-driven innovation and spiritual entrepreneurship to create deeper impact

*Cultivating partnerships with impact-focused investors to expand opportunity

Over the course of our 50-year history, Wesleyan Investive has made over 2,000 loans totaling more than $500 million, encouraging churches across the United States to pursue their God-sized dreams.
What is the partnership with KMF and Wesleyan Investive?
With the  partnership, KMF will continue to maintain the relationship with the local churches and organizations in Kansas and Nebraska and invest in the loan through Certificates of Participation while Wesleyan Investive will provide the funding and servicing of the loan.
How can I be involved in the loan ministry in our local churches?
Loans provided through Wesleyan Investive in Kansas and Nebraska are made possible through Certificates of Participation (CP) and KMF's partnership with Wesleyan Investive. By making an investment in a CP, individuals, churches, agencies, and UMC related organizations can participate in our mission of supporting God's work in the world.

Let's Get Started

A loan can help bridge a gap to allow ministry to happen in your community. The first step is scheduling a time to talk with Rev. Dr. Dustin Petz, President and CEO of the Kansas Methodist Foundation. ​
Email Dustin
Rev. Dr. Dustin Petz
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