Pastors & Students

KMF equips pastors to offer strong financial leadership in their ministry.
Through our sermons and research resources, we can help you inspire an abundance mindset in your congregation. We also help aspiring and current clergy fund their education. ​

Leadership Training

KMF offers webinars, presentations and guest preaching to help strengthen your church’s financial health, as well as inspire generosity among your congregation. ​
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KMF administers scholarship programs for seminarians, as well as offers intensive study scholarships for current clergy. ​
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"I am incredibly grateful for KMF and the dedication to supporting those who are called into ministry. Through your generosity, I am continually thankful for the ability to focus on my studies knowing I have the support of the United Methodists from back home. By receiving a Seminary Scholarship from KMF, I am able to be more fully present in my coursework while also making room for continual discernment and spiritual growth in my own faith life, without the additional worries about how I will cover the financial burden which higher education often requires. Both the spiritual and financial support offered through the KMF Seminary Scholarship has made my seminary experience a true joy."
Ally Drummond
Ally Drummond
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