Don and Brenda Davids

As a police officer and a pastor, Don and Brenda Davids know how quickly life can
change, but they did not have a trust or a will in place. After planning a series of stewardship
seminars for her church that focused on personal stewardship and estate planning, the Davids
planned their estate as a testament to their congregation of the importance.
Through a complementary service of the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation, the Davids met with John Griffin, an attorney with Stewardship Counseling, LLC to create their plan.

Over the course of a few meetings, the Davids worked with John to make decisions on their healthcare, end of life, and estate that will later relieve their family of the burden of wondering their wishes.

“It was a painless process that caused us to discuss all of the implications of our health, living well into our old age, and our deaths,” Brenda said.

When they started the process the Davids were unsure if they would draft a will or a trust. John presented the pros and cons of each and Estate Planning for an Assured Future allowed Don and Brenda to decide which was best. Throughout the process, the Davids appreciated that John provided the “why’s”, explained the language in a trust, and guided their discussion with open-ended language so that the documents created would be as timeless as possible. After creating their plan, John recommend a cost-effective attorney who drafted their final documents.

“It is the greatest act of stewardship to take care of these decisions for each other and for our children,” Brenda said.

With their trust in place, the Davids know that their earnestness to leave a portion of their estate to the ministries of Christian based camping will occur and their legacy will live on through the camp.

The Foundation offers estate planning services to individuals and families, like the Davids, so that they can leave a lasting legacy to the organizations and ministries close to their heart. If you have questions or are interested in creating or updating your estate documents, please contact us at 888-453-8405 or
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